Frequently Asked Questions

Rochester & Monroe County Employees Federal Credit Union
460 N. Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14609

Our routing number is: 222382234

You can change your address online or by email, mail, or fax. For full instructions, including a form to mail in, please visit the Address Change page.

The Rochester & Monroe County Employees Federal Credit Union is open to all employees of the City of Rochester, the County of Monroe, and some towns and villages within the county. It also covers all individuals who live, work or worship in the City of Rochester. Over the years, many additional employment groups and family members of all groups have joined the growing ranks of Credit Union members.

Complete your account setup in-person, or via mail. Every new membership starts with opening up a savings account.


  • Complete the membership application, and bring your NYS Driver’s License and $6 to any location to initiate your account ($5 deposit/$1 processing fee)

Via mail:

  • Mail the completed membership application, a copy of your NYS Driver’s License, and $6 to initiate your account ($5 deposit/$1 processing fee)

Send to:

Rochester & Monroe County Federal Credit Union
460 N. Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14609

Get started with your loan application online. You can access different lending forms on the Loans page of the website. 

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch to review your application, please call us at  (585) 546-4279.

The credit union has three ATM machines throughout the community to make it easy to access money when you need it. We’re also proud to partner with ESL and Summit Federal Credit Union so that our members can use their ATM machines at no additional charge. Visit their respective websites to find an ATM nearest you.

Report any lost or stolen cards immediately by calling: 1-800-854-1557

Then, please contact our main office at (585) 546-4279. We can help have a new card issued to you.

If you suspect identity theft or fraud on your account, start with the following, and then get in touch with us so we can help make recommendations for added security:

  1. Contact your credit card company and your financial institution and close your accounts.
    • The FBI suggests that you put passwords (not your mother’s maiden name) on any new accounts you open.
  2. Call the three major credit bureaus to report identity theft. Request that a “fraud alert” be placed on your file and that no new credit be granted without your approval.
    • Equifax: 800-525-6285
    • Experian: 888-397-3742
    • TransUnion: 800-680-7289
  3. Call the Social Security Fraud Hotline: 1-800-269-0271
  4. Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) theft hotline: 1-877-438-4338 or via
  5. File a police report, and get a copy of the report in case you need proof of the crime later for credit card companies, etc.